Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago today, The Dad and I got married. Of course, he wasn’t The Dad then. And I wasn’t a mom. He was a computer guy working at a technology start-up in Silicon Valley. And I was a writer working at an investment/finance trade magazine in San Francisco. Now we’re thirtysomething parents of three small children and live in the city of Chicago. (The Dad is still a programmer at a computer company and I’m still an occasional writer for a software company, but that’s not really relevant to this blog.)

(Neither, really, is this post, but if we didn’t get married, move to Chicago and have babies, this blog would not exist.)

We got married in Flossmoor at my childhood church. We had our wedding reception in the city, at the University Club of Chicago. The Ryan was also under construction back then, although not to the extent that it was in 2006 and is in 2007. Part of Grant Park was also under construction, making its transformation to Millennium Park. No one really noticed. If they looked outside, it was at the fireworks launched just past Navy Pier. The weather was very similar to today’s weather: temperate and sunny.

In 1999, I was in love with my husband and the city of Chicago. Eight years later, not much has changed.

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