And here they come…

The letters are coming in. According to the results of his GEAPs testing, The Boy is Not Gifted, which is probably a good thing, and therefore he did not get into any of the gifted centers or classical schools. We have also gotten rejection letters from Onahan and Peterson. The Boy is hanging out on the waitlist at Gray, Burley, Edgebrook, Prussing and Belding, although I am pretty sure that he will get into Belding in the end.

Of note, it looks like Disney II will move into Irving Park Middle School to start in fall 2008. I plan to apply for both The Boy (K) and The Girl (PK) as soon as the application process opens. There is a 75% proximity holdback/lottery for next year. Now I just have to hope that The Boy manages to get one of 40 or so spots available in K for neighborhood kids next year; of course, there are about 400 kids entering K from the ‘hood next year.

In other news, I signed The Girl up for preschool next year. We’re trying somewhere new next year and I really liked the director/teacher.


One thought on “And here they come…

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