A Break from the Routine

Sometimes, a break from routine can offer some fun rewards. Today, The Boy went to school, The Girl went to MDO, and The Baby took a 2+ hour nap. Which didn’t leave me a lot of time to run my laundry list of errands that are more fun to do without dragging three children along. One of which was meeting the photographer with whom we had a shoot back in October and from whom I finally ordered photos to pick up said photos. I met her in Logan Square at 1:30, which did not give me a lot of time after The Baby’s nap to run even one errand after he woke up, let alone all of them.

I had returns to make at Target, and a short to-buy list, so I broke from tradition and headed down to the big Target just east of Logan Square on Logan Blvd. and Elston. I walked in, made my return, and got a cart. And then heard someone call my name.

It was Sarah M., who has three kids the same age as mine, although in a girl-boy-girl order. She looked great, of course. And we talked about schools, of course. Although her daughter is attending Catherine Cook, which I’ve heard of, but not ever looked into because I’m sure it’s in the league of Sacred Heart and the like, none of which I can afford. We talked a bit about CPS, LaSalle Language Academy, and the magnets. She told me that one of our mutual acquaintances is moving to Winnetka, for schools and better quality of life. She also gave me an update on my former neighbor (and her daughter’s friend), who moved to the Bell attendance boundary a few years ago when her son was ready for K.

The Baby was starting to fuss, so we finished up our chat and I zoomed around Target to get the items on my list before meeting the photographer at the Starbucks on California and Logan. She was sitting in the courtyard outside, so I picked up my photos, paid her, and went inside to get a coffee and nurse The Baby. He was more interested in people-watching, so I ended up editing for a bit before leaving to get The Girl from MDO. On my way out, I let The Baby walk a bit down the hall. When I rounded the corner past the barista bar, I looked up and there was: Jamie, The Dad’s cousin.

Jamie lives in Detroit-Metro, so it was a shock to see him in Chicago, let alone at some random Starbucks outside of my neighborhood that I’ve never been to before. Apparently, he just moved here and got a place in Logan Square, unbeknownst to anyone in his family (I asked). I did give him my card and told him to call us/The Dad. It seriously was the oddest thing that happened to me today.


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