The end is nigh

The Boy has 3 days left of school before summer vacation begins. Talk on the playground at pick-up has dwindled away from fall 2008 matriculation and toward summer vacation plans. I have so many things I want to do this summer, although I’m sure that I have not adequately prepared for any of them:

  • join a pool
  • go to Kiddieland
  • rent/borrow a beach cottage in Michigan/Indiana/Wisconsin for a week
  • hire a babysitter once/week
  • visit Super Grandpa in Indiana
  • visit family in Michigan on Lake St. Clair
  • go to Minneapolis-St. Paul to visit The Girl’s birthday twin and her parents
  • take the water taxi between Navy Pier and the museum campus peninsula
  • go to lots of museums and parks

The Boy and The Girl are going to daycamp through the park district (at different parks) for 6 weeks. And The Boy and I are going to Seattle to visit Uncle Chris for a weekend in June. How is it that summer is upon us already?


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