Nature Day

It was a beautiful day today. The Girl, The Boy, The Baby and I took advantage of the weather by taking the long way around to the Butterfly Museum. I parked on Lakeview Street, which is one block west of Lincoln Park West, adjacent to the viaduct that led to North Pond. I had packed a lunch for us all, so we arrived and pretty much immediately went outside to have our little picnic.

We are members, so I used the free coat/stroller-check to drop off the stroller and the three of us walked around the mostly empty museum. We saw the butterflies — The Baby was quite intrigued with them — and made a craft in the activity room, then checked out the new Lawn Nation exhibit. I found the history of lawns fascinating, and The Baby, The Girl, and The Boy were sufficiently engaged in playing croquet on the astroturf to let me watch the film strip. We spent some time in the slide area before taking the long way back to the car, stopping at the playground next to North Pond to play for a bit.


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