Today, we celebrated America’s birthday by participating in our local park‘s Independence Day festivities. The Boy decorated his scooter and The Girl decorated her Dora plastic trike with red, white, and blue ribbons and a flag. The Tot didn’t much care; he rode in our red e3 (and fell asleep) during the around-the-block, all-neighborhood parade (headed by the fire engine from company 69). The Girl sat in the fire engine before the parade began. The Boy scooted around with his friends.

After the parade, there was a neighborhood sing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the raising of the flag by the Boy Scouts, and races (sack, running) and games (egg toss, etc.) for everyone. There was also a little bouncy castle (with a long line) and the City’s Bicycle Ambassadors offering a bike obstacle course and helmet fittings. The Boy had a severe case of reality not meeting expectations. So we eventually went home.

And had the neighbors, a few friends, and The Dad’s cousin over for a lunch from the grill. The kids all whooped and hollered and slipped and slid in our borrowed (from our neighbor) Slip-n-Slide. It was a great day.

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