Independence Park Events

As with last weekend, there are about 8 million events this weekend that I’d like to attend. Unfortunately, I’m already fully booked, so some of them will have to go on without me. If I didn’t have The Girl’s birthday party tomorrow morning, I’d be interested in this:

The HCBA’s popular Seminar Series offers exciting topics for owners of any Chicago home – whether you’re a home repair expert or rehab rookie, these seminars make home repair projects simple and offer affordable home solutions.

Thinking Inside the Box:
Planting a Window Box for All Seasons

Saturday, May 2 · 10:00am – 12:00pm
Independence Park Bungalow, 3901 N. Hamlin Ave
To make a reservation please call (312) 642-9900 or email

There is also the GIPNA Fine Crafts Fair on Sunday at the Independence Park Fieldhouse from 12:30 – 4:30. I’ll be selling these bags for $12 each, or 2 for $20:

From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures
I will also have my initial and number tees, and bean bags:

From Blogger Pictures
Hope to see you there!


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