Today, I took a field trip with The Boy’s class to the Naper Settlement. Despite the fact that Grandma & Grandpa Naperville have lived in Illinois’s second largest city for 20+ years (and I’ve been married to their son for 11 of them), I’d never been to Naper Settlement before today.

A walking history museum, Naper Settlement is sited on what is left of George Martin’s expansive 1883 acreage. It’s like Illinois’s version of Colonial Williamsburg, but smaller and forward in time by about a century. We started the tour with the Martin Mitchell house, a circa 1883 brick-and-limestone building described to our little group as “the smart house of 1890.” I learned a few interesting little tidbits in our 4-hour ramble around the grounds, including the fact that the Spanish silver dollar was once the standard monetary increment and two-bits is actually 1/8th of said coin (or 12 1/2 cents). Grandma Naperville met us there, and we had a nice visit with her as well as with the other chaperones in The Boy’s class. The kids were well-behaved and seemed to have a great time.


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