The Reform Movement Builds

While Ron Huberman may not have been the person to overhaul the Chicago Public Schools, the winds of change may be picking up speed with today’s announcement. Michelle Rhee may have been no match for the D.C. public school teachers, but she has re-surfaced in California’s capital city with a new reform project.  

I’m not entirely sure that the answer to the problems in the U.S. educational system lie with Waiting for Superman and the changes Rhee enacted in D.C., I do know that something has got to change. Because the system, as it stands now, just doesn’t work. I feel like this is well-known at this point. But the idealist in me is heartened to see it go national.

I feel fortunate that my children’s school is a school that works. My children have great teachers. I am continually in awe of their drive, passion and dedication. I’m a passionate writer, but I don’t think I have half the skills required of good teachers.

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