Play Day

Although I love a good playdate, I’m always reluctant to plan vacation days from school around or dependent upon classmates and friends. It’s a tactic that can easily backfire as family visits, doctor appointments, or sudden illness bump out even the most carefully planned playdate. I’ve learned the hard way not to rely on friends to provide our children with mutual entertainment during a school break. 
But the stars happen to have aligned for everyone today, and The Boy, The Girl, and The Tot all had playdates. The Girl and The Tot went over to a friends’ house in the morning, while The Boy’s good friend came over for Lego and other 9-year-old boy pursuits in the afternoon. 

We capped off the day with a 3-kid trip to Trader Joe’s, where The Tot proceeded to throw a massive temper tantrum fueled, in part, by hunger and fatigue. 


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