Daily Adventures: Day 2

Today: three trips to Target, in search of a Minecraft Enderman head for #3’s Halloween costume. Twenty dollars for a cardboard box (that I have to construct) with pixelated squares on it? Seriously? I’m kind of amazed that Minecraft is a thing, let alone all the shelf-products it has spawned. I contemplated spending $25 to overnight an Enderman head to our house, but then sanity kicked in. In the end, I convinced #3 to re-use last year’s overpriced DIY cardboard box head (“Steve”), which he didn’t really wear anyway because it’s hard to trick-or-treat with a box over your head.

Maybe my slacker-approach and silent dread of costuming is trickling down to my children? I’m over the commercialization of every holiday or event, including Halloween. I remember feeling disappointed as a kid that my mother’s hard-wrought rendition of whatever fantastic creation I had asked for did not look like the vision I had in my head, although in those days, whatever mom cooked up was a vast improvement over store-bought costumes, which were little more than a plastic suit and a mask. Oh how times have changed!

Also today: a trip downtown to meet with Barbara Byrd-Bennett to talk about PTA (more on that in a later post) and a walk home from school with The Girl and #3 (with a stop at Smoque BBQ for fries on the way — I think I like that one of the owners “knows” us). I also made dinner, including parslied carrots from Joy of Cooking, which were so good. The Boy wasn’t a fan; I think I ate most of the batch myself.

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