About Me

I started this blog (on Blogger) in 2006 because with a pregnancy, 2 babies, and part-time sales writing, I didn’t have enough to do. In truth, I wrote my observations down in longhand while exploring Chicago with my kids (The Boy, now 13, The Girl, now nearly 11, and The Baby/Tot, #3, now nearly 9), and found the act of transcribing them for online publication a cathartic outlet. Although I considered myself a stay-at-home parent in 2006 (and 2011 and 2014), I didn’t actually like staying at home. (I still don’t.)

Throughout the early and emergent years of my parenthood, this blog evolved from tales of  daily weekly  occasional adventures through Chicago(land) with 3 kids to homemaker pursuits to emergent activism. Along the way, I learned to recognize and embrace myself as an introvert, Aquarian, and intuitive thinker, all of which continue to inform my blogging and my relationships with the world around me. I have an infinitesimally small audience, but my thoughts here are as much for me as they are for anyone else to read.

I’m a Chicago-based activist, learner, reader, connector, project manager, and writer. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, friend. I’m open, curious, friendly, kind, and honest, all of which adds up to people asking me for directions (even in cities where I have no idea where I’m going). I’m interested in making a positive impact in our world, and am drawn to the ways that people are similar, even though our backgrounds and life experiences may be different. To quote the Muppets, “peoples is people.” (I’m also a relentless quoter of children’s books. Seriously, I have a list of my family’s favorites.) I’m also not limited to blogging, and have shared my thoughts via diverse forms of social media.



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